Become a member

Become a member of one of our sports team, spend the Friday afternoon doing a quiz at the E-pub with other students, mingle with companies and visit their lectures, become better with solving company cases, dress up and go to our ceremonies and get to know new people. HHUS hosts several events per month and what just got mentioned is just some of the things we do. HHUS is a family and we make the study time the best time of your life.


You can either come by the HHUS Office or the Umeå Studentkår reception in  Samhällsvetarhuset and sign up.
Or sign up online here: Get your membership online!
Once you have signed up you will receive an invoice and a temporary membership while your payment is being handled. Since HHUS is an association under Umeå Studentkår, becoming a member of HHUS also makes you a member of Umeå Studentkår.


With a degree in business and economics from USBE you have one of the best educations in all of Sweden with you throughout your career. But that is not all, with the support of HHUS you will also have great experiences as a student during your years. Both with magnificent events and happenings but also contacts and relations with businesses and corporates looking for just you!

You will also have:

• Activites
-Insparken, case competitions, corporate lectures, sportsevent/teams, business fairs & gasques.
• Access to student pubs
-Only students with a student union ID are able to enter the student pubs at campus.
• Ekbladet
-Our very own student magazine, read by thousands of people. The latest issue available online here.
• Career Service
-Where you can find job applications and consulting work with our ConsultGroup.
• Discounts
-Along with Mecenat we offer various discounts useful for students.
• News
-Of everything that we work with here at HHUS and our events through our newsletter.

Who can become a member?

Anyone who is studying any business and economy related courses or enrolled at the FEK program at USBE (Umeå School of Business & Economics).

What does it cost?

1 Semester   – 230kr
2 Semesters – 400kr
3 Semesters – 550kr
4 Semesters – 700kr
5 Semesters – 800kr
6 Semesters – 900kr

/Linnéa Axling
Webmaster, 04/10/2017