Business Partnerships

Being a partner to HHUS offers your company access to invaluable contact with over 1500 aspiring economists. Our student members study various economic specializations such as business administration, economics and statistics. Courses they complete include examples like accounting, finance, service management, international economics and trade logistics.

Business partnerships generate a profitable exchange for both companies and students alike and are bound in one-year contracts. Being a partner offers exposure in our marketing outlets and many opportunities to create relationships with students through events such as business presentations, case competitions, socials and sporting events. Allowing our student members to catch a glimpse of possible career paths offers an outstanding opportunity to market your company to prospective employees and scout potential recruitment. Our students consist of not only future employees but also future customers.

To promote business collaboration you are assigned a business contact person who acts as the communication link between your company and HHUS throughout the contracted year. This contact will help you plan, prepare, promote and act according to your wishes to strive for optimal contact and exposure.

If you are interested in learning more about partnership agreements or how we could work together, do not hesitate to contact us!

Ville Ledje
073-577 39 29