Ekbladet is the oldest and most appreciated tradition that started in 1893. The magazine is sent home to all our members and partners. It’s also available at the university and is published on our webpage. Ekbladet comes out four times a year, twice in the fall and twice in the spring with approximately 1400-1800 copies printed with approximately 52 pages per printed copy. The editorial staff consists of 8-10 people who produces a professional and comprehensive magazine with relevant contents. The magazine is printed in four-color on high quality paper, which provides opportunities for different types of advertisements.

Newsletter and mails

Every other week a newsletter is sent out to our members. In the newsletter the association gives information about coming events such as company events, gest lectures, formal dinners, and recruitment to honory positions. Here you have the opportunity to either advertise or share information. You can also choose to do an official mail to all of our members with only your company’s information.


We publish business news on our front page and here you have the opportunity to advertise and share information.

Plasma screen

Thousands of students passes through the plasma screen HHUS is in charge of and on that one you have the opportunity to publish your ad.


HHUS is in charge over notice boards so you have the opportunity to be seen though posters around campus.


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