Business Committee

The main goal for the Business Committee is to work actively to promote contact between students and businesses.

The Business committee’s work is to create opportunities where businesses and organizations can meet HHUS members. Through activities, we want to create natural encounters for both local and national Swedish businesses which serve as a bridge between student life and future of work. This is done through company presentations, career fairs, case competitions, social events, etc.

HHUS’ main partners are currently EY. HHUS has a number of partners, and these consist of Deloitte, PwC and Academic Work. These companies are those collaborating with the closest and therefore the companies that members come into contact with most often.

Who are we?

Ville Ledje
Head of Business
Phone: 073-577 39 29

As head of business, the main task is to coordinate the Business Committee and being a representative of HHUS members towards companies. Head of Business task is to broaden the union’s network and create new collaborations with companies and organizations that will help our members to enter the business world.

Erik Dunbäck Pekkari

Vice Head of Business

Phone:  072-576 86 85

The vice head of business work as the right hand and deputy to the president. The main task is to make sure that all the work within the committee runs smoothly. The Vice head also makes sure that the agreement with our partners and Ekbladet is held together and that the whole committee activity works toward our stated goal.

Anna Henriksson

Company Coordinator

Phone070-293 55 76

As company coordinator, you are responsible for maintaining HHUS’ good relations with our business partners and making sure both parties are satisfied with the interaction between our students and the business life. The company coordinator selects company hosts for each partner to keep the daily contact with representatives and plan events for the companies.

Mathilda Axelsson

Project Coordinator

Phone: 072-167 15 27

The project coordinator is responsible for planning and implementing different events like lunch lectures with companies that isn´t a partner to HHUS. This position is also responsible for Business Week, Unbreakable and other business-related projects that the organization arrange.

Millie Karphammar

Sales Coordinator

Phone:  070-771 42 03

The Sales Coordinator is responsible for everything related to sales towards companies. The everyday mission of the Sales Coordinator is to work actively with promoting HHUS towards companies and possible sponsors. The long-term goal is to constantly increase our number of partners and thereby lay the ground for new agreements with different sponsors.

Linnea Hinz

Communicator for the Business committee

Phone: 070-557 70 53

As the communicator of the Business Committee, I am in charge of all marketing that revolves around events such as breakfast clubs, lunch lectures and cooperation activities. I also work alongside the teams of Unbreakable, London Business Week and Ekbladet. I also administer the Available Jobs-section and assist in marketing various recruitment within the association.

Anna Olausson
Företagsvärd för EY
Phone: 070-925 64 83

Emma Landgren
Företagsvärd för PWC
Phone: 070-310  59 51


Trolle Frankenberg
Företagsvärd för Deloitte
Tel: 073-021 20 02