Pub Committee

The main goal for the Pub committee is to run our beloved E-pub

HHUS, along with JF-Umeå and fIEzta, run the E-pub as a legit student pub and it is the obvious go-to spot for the members of the association, however, all students over 18 with an Umeå Student union identification are more than welcome.

Want to join a pub crew, or know ways to engage in the Pub committee? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Who are we?

Head of E-pub – Jessica Hägglund

Phone: 076-818 73 27

As Head of E-pub, you are the Pub’s representative on the HHUS board, making sure that everything works the way it should. I handle the external operations at the Pub, I am the spider in the net, keeping the pub together. 

Vice Head of E-pub – Filip Mattsson
076-865 81 01

The job of the Vice President is to handle the internal operations at the Pub. I keep an eye on the pub committee to make sure that they do what they are supposed to. I also organize the schedules for all the evening managers and help the Head of E-pub as much as I can.

Event Manager – 
Denise Bröste
073- 821 68 09
Event Manager – Eric Westergren
076-015 46 28
Event Manager – Sandra Carlsson
076-761 02 43

The event managers are the ones who plan all the EPP’s and nightclubs at the E-Pub. These people brainstorm and contribute to making the pub the most amazing place to hang at, not only on Campus but the entire town. Moreover, the event managers also contribute as evening managers at the pub during the fun events that are planned. They have a close cooperation with the Marketing Committee that helps to get the word out about all the fun that is happening at the pub.

Food Manager – Artur Söderlund
076-222 59 20

As the food manager at the E-Pub, the task is to place an order each week to make sure there is enough food for the entire week’s events. It is also up to the food manager to make sure there is as little waste as possible and that each portion looks the same. Additionally, the food manager is in contact with the supplier Martin & Servera via their salesman.

Beverage Manager – Jakub Piekarski

Phone: 070- 752 71 33

As the beverage manager at the E-Pub, the task is to order alcohol every week to make sure there is enough of beverages for the events and to make sure there are glasses, bar equipment, working refrigerators, dispensing systems and everything else that has to do with the serving of beverage. You also keep in contact with our beverage suppliers, Carlsberg and Martin & Servera, via their salesmen.

Interial Design – Steven Telin
072-741 37 70

The responsibility of the interior designer is to make sure the interior of the pub always is looks and works its best before the doors open. However, since the need for interior fixes is not something that requires frequent maintenance, the main part of the role consists of being an evening manager, in charge of certain shifts and the other responsibilities that comes with it.

DJ Manager – Rasmus Clausson
Phone: 070-315 31 12

The DJ manager is responsible for all the DJs that play at the Pub. This means that you make sure that there always is a DJ playing at our nightclubs and big events. Moreover, the DJ manager also trains new DJs.

Booking Manager – Jimmy Brauer
076-025 29 26

The booking manager has responsibility for all the bookings at the pub. To fill up the E-pub wit has many fun events as possible, this position requires many meetings with people from both outside HHUS and within. The event manager will be the one to contact if there are any questions about bookings, food for events or available dates to rent.

Financial manager – Frida Tollqvist
070-873 66 10

The economy manager handles matters concerning invoicing and billing, monetary transactions and price setting. This means that you are the one sending the invoices for “sittings” or helping out with financial inquiries. The economy manager is also responsible for making sure the card terminals and checkout system are working.

IE Manager – Henrik Rosén
073-811 49 17

JF Manager – Victor Appelqvist


JF Manager – Niklas Jonsson

As the Law student’s representative in the pub committee, my responsibility besides being an evening manager is to purchase everything not connected to food or alcohol. With the help of my amazing bar team and JF’s Club President, the pub is open a little more often. If you don’t find me behind the bar at one of JF’s events, there is always a chance that I am on an infiltration mission at one of the economists EPP.

Communicator for E-pub – Linn Gaddefors


Phone: 070-713 78 28

As the communicator for the E-pub, I promote their events such as EPP:s (efter-plugget-pub), Exam-partys and nightclubs. My job is to marketing these event troughs the E-pubs social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. I work between the marketing- and pub committee to promote the E-pubs event as good as possible.