Finance management team

The main goal for the financial management is to create interest in the financial sector among HHUS members.

HHUS Finansmästeri main task is to promote the interest for finance amongst the students within the association and to actively manage a part of HHUS’s capital. The capital management is focused on a long-term portfolio, while a lesser amount of the capital is dedicated to short-term investments.

Finansmästeriet is led by the Head of Finance along with the other members of the committee. The groups main focus is on macroanalysis and company analysis done through both fundamental- and technical analysis. Furthermore, the committee aims to strengthen HHUS brand towards the financemarket and promote the finance interest through finance trips, social events and company visits.

Do you wish to become a part of the finance management team?

Stock Competition:

The yearly HHUS Stock Competition was created to increase interest towards trading stocks for HHUS members. The Stock Competition works together with businesses in order to increase the realism of the competition for those involved.