Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is responsible for the communication within our association.

We share information from our business partners and other committees within HHUS. It may contain anything from guest lectures to social activities at E-pub. Our task is to market this as professionally and as clearly as possible using posters, newsletters, social media, or the student magazine “Ekbladet”, which is our major communication channel. The Marketing Committee’s main task is to make sure the information from HHUS reaches not only our members but also other student associations and companies. We also organize the yearly “kick-off” for all new students at the Umeå School of Business and Economy.

Today there are six positions within the marketing committee: President of the Marketing Committee, Editor in Chief of Ekbladet, Editor of Ekbladet, Recruitment Manager, Art Director, and IT-Manager.

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Who are we?

Moa Grundström
Head of the Marketing Committe
Phone: 070-560 04 52

The Head of Marketing Committee is responible for the external communication of HHUS. The main part is to coordinate the information and marketing of all HHUS event and activites in best possible way. Also working with branding of our three brands (HHUS, Ekbladet and E-puben) and managing Ekbladet.

Samira Abdi
Vice head of the Marketing Committe
Phone076-100 60 50

My main task is to support the Marketing Committee internally, I do as well take part in the creative process of forging different marketing strategies and campaigns for a variety of events. Miscellaneous tasks that I have is to create the HHUS Newsletter which includes information from our business partners and HHUS

My Persson

Editor in chief


Phone070-572 00 61

The Editor in Chief is responsible for the external contacts between, for example, businesspartners and the printing company. By making sure that everyone are aware of the deadlines and what kinds of ads or texts they want to have in the magazine.

Fanny Westerlund

Managing Editor


Phone: 072-573 16 81

The Managing Editor is responsible for the internal communication between the editorial staff of Ekbladet and making sure everyone is involved. Together with the Editor in Chief, the Managing Editor plans what is to be included in the student magazine.

Linnéa Axling



Phone: 073-038 90 60

The webmaster is responsible for the operation, management, development and maintenance of the website.


Simon Von Pongracz

Art Director


Phone073-804 38 47

As Art Director in the marketing committee I am  responsible for HHUS face to the public. I am in close contact with everyone in the marketing comittee and they bring me tasks on what is being communicated  – and where we need to step in and design posters, banners and so on. 

Linn Gaddefors
Communicator for the E-pub
Phone: 070-713 78 28

As the communicator for the E-pub, I promote their events such as EPP:s (efter-plugget-pub), tentafester and night clubs. My job is to marketing these event trough the E-pubs social medias such as facebook, instagram and snapchat. I work between the marketing- and pub committee to promote the E-pubs event as good as possible.

Cornelia Larker
Communicator for business committee
Phone: 073-027 42 93

As the communicator of the Business Committee, I am in charge of all marketing that revolves around events such as breakfast clubs, lunch lectures and cooperation activities. I also work alongside the teams of Unbreakable, London Business Week and Ekbladet. I also administer the Available Jobs-section and assist in marketing various recruitment within the association.

Amanda Persson

Communicator for social committee


Phone: 073-036 42 97

This post is managed by three communicators who are working extra closely to either the social committe, business committee or the E-pub. As a communicator you will manage the marketing of HHUS events, it can everything from breakfast lectures to EPPs and parties, depending on which committee you are working extra closely with. This website, our Facebook-page, Twitter and Instagram are social medias that are often used by the communicators.