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Created in 1983, Ekbladet is a HHUS member magazine and one of HHUS most prestigious branches. Ekbladet, based in Umeå is released four times per year and circulates approximately  1,400 copies. They are distributed to all our members as well as corporates, partners and institutions. Do you enjoy writing, photographing and/or design?
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For every issue the editorial staff; consisting of about 10 people contribute with exiting interviews, reportage, themes and discussions. We work as volunteers and each issue begins with an editorial board meeting where the issue is planned.

And do you have an idea for a concept or a theme? Let us know!
Our goal is to create a magazine with something for all of our members and be a editorial with equal gender and program distribution. so therefore we are constanly looking for more and new people to our staff! The editorial board works on an entirely voluntary basis.

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// My Persson
Editor in Chief  – 02/02/2017