Social Committee

One of the main missons of HHUS is to ensure that all of our members time during their studies in Umeå is enriched by camaraderie, togetherness and a great social era.

We work with creating social meeting places where members are able to interact and enjoy the life of a student. We do this through various ways; by arranging traditional ”Sittningar” and ”Gasque”’s (which shortly can be explained as dinner parties with a twist!)

This is also done through sportsevents, musical activities and much, much more!The purpose of the Social Committee and one of the main purposes of HHUS is to create a sense of togetherness among the members. We serve as the glue that keeps the members together and enables for establishing of connections. Our strength as a group and our sense of community is what makes us attractive.

Who we are?

Fredrik Berggren
Head of The Social Committee
Phone: 070-794 31 70
The head of the social committee is tasked with two primary working areas. One involves working alongside the other six committee-heads and the presidium within the HHUS-board. The board is responsible for running the association in a long-term and economically sustainable manner. As head of the social committee one is overall – together with the vice head – responsible for all of the social events that HHUS arranges.

Victor Bäckström
Vice Head of the Social Committee
Phone073-838 72 72

As vice head of the Social committee I work with the committee to get results in the area of social events. I work really close with the President and we share as much of the workload as we can. 

Paulina Kristiansson
Master of Ceremonies
Phone: 073 522 29 20

As master of ceremonies I organize all the evening related events such as sittningar. The workload consists of making budgets, booking restaurants and dealing with the project managing of the project group. I take full part in the day-to-day business of the social committee. This is one of the most important roles in HHUS as it allows our members to have a social platform to meet and have a good time.

Lina Wikberg
Event Coordinator
Phone076-788 11 57

Eventmästeriet arrange events! What kind of events? Well, events that aren’t ”sittningar” or sport (since someone else is taking care of that). There is plenty of room for own ideas and creativity within Eventmästeriet! That means we do the things we think is missning at campus. For example, we started with something we would love to call a new tradition! We’re talkning about the bikeparty ”Cykelfesten” which was incredibly appreciated! We also do Troubadour Nights a few times per semester and next event is going to be a whole night spent at E-puben, but instead of drinks and dancemoves this night will include food and cooking skills!

Lovisa König

Master of Sports
Phone073 563 23 37

The Sportsmastery mission is to unite the students of HHUS by using the power of sports. We work to enrich the years of studying by providing activities such as big one-time events, great Umeå traditions and year-around sports and games. All to give the student possibilites of new social connections, more physical activities and to try new things. The 2016s version of the sportsmastery consists of 3 persons, each with it’s own responsebilities such as Umeå World Cup, Get Game, Åre Skiweek, Korpen and so on. So please contact us if you have ideas or wishes!

Hanna Malm

Master of Spex


Phone076-848 01 00

Our mission in Spexmästeriet is to make sure that HHUS-members get the best entertainment possible at all the social event. So we plan and take care of the the spex’s during sittningar, we comment during sportevents and we might be the two loudest once on campus! We feel that one of the reasonings that this position exist is to make sure that members of HHUS walks around campus with a smile on there face and our job is to make sure that’s case!

Sanna Lindberg

Head General


Phone073-064 13 49

As Head of Generals you are responsible for recruiting the rest of the Generals, and together with them plan Insparken. During the Inspark one of your biggest tasks is to function as a support and guide for the Faddrar, so that they can create the best possible experience for all of the new Rookies. The role as Head of General is best described as being the project leader for the biggest and most exciting HHUS-event!

Amanda Persson

Communicator for social committee



As the communicator for the Social Committee, I promote their events such as sittings, sport events, insparken etc. I am responsible for marketing these events through HHUS various social medias. Im also an intermediary between the art director and the social committee, and are involved troughout the marketingprocess.