The main goal for the Presidium is to focus on HHUS strategic work. 

The Presidium is the strategic organ of the association. It aims to make sure that the association has a long-term view, and that the decisions are sustainable for the future of HHUS. It’s our responsibility to ensure that HHUS continues to be an including, active and flourishing organization – today, tomorrow and for the next generation of members.

My Persson
President – Presidium
Phone: 070-572 00 61

A leader with an overall responsibility of the association, and the board. Representing HHUS in external contexts, i.e in the USBE board, the U9 network, Umeå Student Union. The president also has the first contact with the media. The President also makes sure that the board have a clear vision, and are working in the same direction.

Ellen Romney
Vice President – Presidium

Phone: 070-332 20 95

Second in command, the overall responsibility of the association. Responsible for its internal flow and all engaged members. Coordinator of the VP-club, a network of all Vice presidents throughout the association. Together they arrange the monthly meetings for the engaged members. The Vice President aspire to ensure that nobody, board- or committee member takes on either too much or too little.

Artur Söderlund
Board Advisor – Presidium

Phone: 076-222 59 20

The main task for the Board Advisor is to make strategic decisions and to present different perspectives to all discussions and decisions. As the Board Advisor, you have the responsibility to be well informed about HHUS statues and regulatory documents and have a broad knowledge about the association as a whole.