Umeå student union’s Education Monitor

Unfair grading, negative work environment, your internship not working out or unfair treatment from teachers? Whether your problem is big or small, as a student you have the right to talk to someone who knows the rules and policies surrounding these issues and how they should be applied.

As an Education Monitor, I work to improve the quality of your studies, provide advice and support, and in conflict, act as the middleman between parties. I represent students at council meetings, committees and other similar groups in order to bring up questions and concerns relevant to you as a student.

If you have any feedback or questions regarding the quality of your studies, your rights and obligations as a student, as well as that of Umeå University, feel free to contact me via email, phone or come by the office in Umeå Student Union’s corridor.

Frida Annuswer

Education Monitor
Samhällsvetarhuset, Umeå Studentkår
Phone: 070-267 26 95