Welcome to KPMG! One of HHUS business partners.

About KPMG:

KPMG works to make a difference and improve the future of our customers. We are driven by delivering business insights and offer industry-specific and qualified services in auditing, tax, consulting and accounting. Through our global network, we are one of the world’s leading knowledge companies.

Audit Academy:

Curious about how it is to work with auditing? Choose the right path. Audit Academy is our audit program aimed at you at the beginning of your education. In parallel with your studies, you will get an insight into all the parts of the auditor’s work.

Audit Internship:

Thinking about a future in auditing? Audit Internship is aimed at you who sees the opportunity to gather valuable work experience before you start working properly. It is a paid internship during the period January to March. You will work full time at our city office in Stockholm and visit some of our largest customers.

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