HHUS business committee acts to connect students with companies where they exchange ideas and information. This is why we want to have a wide spread amount of partners from different branches. The companies who visit us, receives interested students engaging in different activities suited for them.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner

In this activity, the company is able to present itself to our students in a setting of breakfast, lunch or dinner that the company pays for. The activity is usually held at E-pub or at the a venue chosen by the company. Most suitable for around 50-80 students.

Representation at Umeå university

The company places themselves at the university for a day to interact with students passing through our halls. A large amount of our students pass through the university Lindellhall and the company has a change to plan smaller competitions or hand out give-aways. HHUS helps out in the planning process to make sure the company meets as many students as possible.

Activity at the Kick-off

The kick-off is the first thing that happens before the semester starts. The company then gets a chance to meet students that has been admitted to the university for the first time (approximately 200-300 students). The activities are usually formed out to be active and fun where the student gets their eye out for the company. The company is in charge of their own logistics around the event but HHUS can help with planning and organizing once there.

Case competition

The company is allowed to organize a case competition for our business students. This gives them a chance to meet students and give them a change to practice theoretical skills in practice. HHUS can, if necessary help out with personnel at these kind of events.

Presence at exams

The company gets a change to meet the students before an exam and prepare them for what is about to happen. HHUS does the planning, so the company reaches out the students they would like to meet.

Social activities

These activities can be held at the offices of the company, at university, E-pub or other suitable location. The company can under relaxed circumstances meet students in combination with chosen activity. Number of students, time and place can be set according to the company’s wish.


Philip Dahlqvist-Sjöberg