2nd Questioning – Social, Marketing & Pub

10 November 2015

The first questioning for the candidates of HHUS board 2016!

Kabba Jallow will be the moderator of the questioning.



During this lunch there will be a questioning held for the candidates for the Head the Social, Marketing and Pub.
The purpose is for you, the members, to get a better understanding of the candidates, their goals and dreams.

Make sure to show up as this is one of the fundamental aspects of the voting process!
Also, check out the election manual!

Candidate for Head of Social:

Klara B

Klara Kvarnbäck – IBP T3

Candidate for Head of Marketing

Isabelle B

Isabelle Sundqvist – CEP T3


Candidate for Head of Pub





Adam B

Adam Gustafsson – IBP T1


Alf B

Alf Grönvall – IBP T1

//Election Committee