Adventures on the streets of Umeå

28 August 201529 August 2015
LOKAL, Umeå, Sverige

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Get familiar with your new hometown’s streets and alleys, challenge your classmates in who is the best in finding places.

The streets of Umeå carries a lot of history and if you are lucky maybe your Buddies will share some of their exiting stories. You will play around on the streets of Umeå in a classical Amazing race-style.

Take this opportunity to learn where things are located, it will be a very useful knowledge for upcoming adventures! Remember your Rookie T-shirt!


Modern Greece may not be an economy student’s best role model, but ancient Greece knew how to party and how to party with style. Wrap yourself up in a toga and complement it with some golden details and gladiator sandals, and re-live Greece greatness with the rest of the economy students! Lokal opens up 21.00!