Battle of the Bands

8 April 2017 9 April 2017
Universumhuset, Johan Bures väg 8, 907 36 Umeå, Sverige

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In corporation with Studiefrämjandet and Folkuniversitetet we want to present to you the Battle of the Bands this saturday! That means, not only one, but TWO bands will be playing at E-puben! The first band we want to present to you is LIME, if you’re an old regular at puben you probably already know them and if not, check them out here:


The second band that will be playing is Gnarly Charlie, last time they played at E-puben was a great success as the Afterski went down to history as probably the greatest afterski in the world. Missed them? Check them out here:


Be there or be square!


Doors will be open from 22.

Do not forget your ID and student union card!

We also want to encourage you all to leave your alcohol at the pre-party as alcohol in the queue is not allowed.