Breakfast Club – Interactive design for the future

29 October 2015
Rex Bar & Grill, Umeå, Sverige

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Interactive design for the future

Digitization washes over the world and in a few years self-driving cars will be as obvious smartphones are today.

During this breakfast you get the opportunity to listen to Nigel Papworth, Senior Interaction Designer on Interactive Institute Swedish ICT. Hear about their role as an independent research institution and about the fascinating interactive projects they have been involved in since its inception here in Umeå in 2009.

Nigel himself says, ”My main area of interest is the study of user response to interactive media and how the design process can make this more intuitive and interesting.”

Start your day by enjoying a beautiful breakfast, mingle with people from different businesses in Umea, and listen to a interesting lecture.

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Last day to sign up is the 26th of October.