Breakfast Club with Marknadsföreningen

24 November 2017
Umeå Folkets Hus, Skolgatan, Umeå, Sverige

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Everything communicates. Always! (What do you communicate?)

Thousands are the people who laughed and recognized themselves when Kjell Dahlin lectured about rhetoric and attitudes. With powerful stories from everyday life, he paints images that everyone can absorb.

Kjell is an inspirator who is passionate about the “good customer meeting”, and he shows specifically how the individual employee’s behavior and attitude have the ability to strengthen the brand better than any advertising campaign. In a highly personal, intelligent and humorous way, Kjell lectures on customer care, treatment, attitudes, storytelling, rhetoric and communication.

Kjell has a lot of experience in a broad variety of areas such as service, sales, marketing and HR. Since his book ”Popretorik-upplevelsekommunikation som övertygar” won a honorary prize in the the competition ”Årets Ledarbok”, his days are increasingly filled with lectures and workshops in the topics he holds close to his heart; customer satisfaction, attitudes, service and experience communication.

Time 24/11, at. 07.45 – 09.15
Location Umeå Folkets Hus
Last day to register: 20/11
(This event will be held in Swedish)

To unregister; e-mail at least 24h before the event!