Breakfast Club with Näringslivsservice

5 October 2017
Rex Umeå, Umeå, Sverige

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What is the first thought that comes to you when someone mentions the game industry? Is it possibly a billion dollar? It is about time to let go of the prejudices. Volvo Cars was sold for $ 1.5 billion. That’s nothing compared to the 2.5 and 5.9 billion that Microsoft and Activision paid for Mojang and King. The gaming industry is no childhood play.

Morgonpasset right click and zoom in the game industry by inviting some of Umeå’s brightest stars. We welcome Michael Stenmark and Mattias Wiking from Arctic Game Lab and Patrik Knutsson, CEO of Level Eight. And of course, we welcome you to a Morgonpass you do not want to miss!

Thursday 5 October l 7.15-9.00 l Rex party halls
Last day to register: 2/10
This event is held in Swedish.
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