Breakfast Club with Näringslivsservice

7 December 2017
Rex Umeå, Umeå, Sverige

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Listen to the winners from “Umeågalan”, a gala that examined, questioned, claimed and stated what matters to Umeå’s business community! This morning you’ll listen to entrepreneurs that play a role in human health.
Morgonpasset welcomes you to listen because we know that it is important to highlight inspiring role models and driven people who play a role not only for Umeå.

Brain Stimulation AB won the award for the new entrepreneur of the year. Listen to Helena Benefits from Brain Stimulation, Neurologist and Entrepreneur. Helena talks about her journey, and about the company’s unique product “RehAtt”, a product that streamlines and creates profitability, but also a community benefit that lacks boundaries.

We welcome Medicvent AB, winner of this year’s export company. Elin Lindkvist, Medicvent, tells about stubborn entrepreneurship, but also about high quality innovative products, products that play a role in human health around the world.

To play a role in the world, we need to get there. Listen when Bengt-Ove Lindgren, Umeå Airport, sets out the vision for developing Umeå Airport. Bengt-Ove talks about the exciting future plans for our national and international focal point.

Time and place: Thursday 7 December l 7.15-9.00 l Rex party halls
Last day to register: 4/12
Only 20 spots available!
To unregister from the event: e-mail

This event will be held in Swedish!