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2 November 2017
Rex Rådhuset, Umeå, Sverige

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In December, one of Sweden’s largest media events takes over Rådhustorget in Umeå. Of course, we are talking about P3, SVT and Radiohjälpens fundraising-event Musikhjälpen.

So why not already welcome Anna Johannesen, Corporate and Auction Manager for Musikhjälpen 2017. Anna will talk about Musikhjälpen, as a fundraising-event, but also about how Umeå can engage.

The TV program Go’kväll, which is produced in Umeå, attracts a large audience. With just under a million viewers, the program will soon be celebrating its 20th anniversary. Anton Karlsson, producer, and Linda Olofsson, program leader, tells how the work at SVT Umeå goes.

We also welcome those who report, examine and dig 365 days a year. We are joined by Jessica Wennberg, Chief Executive Officer, Västerbottens-Kuriren, to discuss how to ensure development in the local media industry.

Time and date: Thursday November 2nd l 7.15-9.00
Place: Rex party halls
Last day to register: Monday 30/11
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