Breakfast Club with Handelsbanken

17 September 2015

For your information: This event is full!

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Last day to register is the 16th of September.
Where? The E-pub!

Now it is time for this semester’s first Breakfast Club. We have the honor and privilege of welcoming two employees from Handelsbanken, Magnus Eriksson and Petter Eriksson. Magnus is regional bank manager and Petter works as an office bank manager here in Umeå.

We are extremely lucky that Magnus and Petter will share the journeys they have been on, after that there will be some time to talk and discuss your thoughts and views.

A great two for one special today – you get tasty breakfast and you also get the chance to listen and converse with two very interesting people.

Don´t forget to take your student ID with you to the Breakfast Club!