Breakfast Club

26 November 2015
E-Puben, Umeå

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Do you want to have a tasty breakfast with representatives from several exiting companies?

The 26th of november HHUS will host a breakfast club with Handelskammaren (Chamber of Commerce) with the theme export. The goal is to have a 50/50 proportion of students and representatives from the companies. The breakfast club will start with a short presentation held by Peter Renkel, KonfTel AB and Göran Nyberg, Olofsfors AB. They will tell us about their organizations and how they have aimed for export. After that, the focus will shift towards mingling and getting to know the persons behind the companies.

The companies participating is KonfTel Ab, Olofsfors AB, Edith Sundqvist, Cosmopolitan Trade Network, Sweden Ekonomisk förening, Oryx AB, Seaflex AB and Rototilt AB.

We only have 40 spots so be sure to secure yours!

Place: E-Puben
Sign up!

The sign up is binding, and if you for some reason can´t make it, you have to send a e-mail at the latest of 24th of November to!