Breakfastclub 12/5! Working towards a sustainable future

12 May 2016
07.30 09.00
Elite Hotel Mimer, Kungsgatan, Umeå, Sverige

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Umeå has applied for the award “European Green Capital” for 2018, and in June we will know if we win. But regardless of whether we win or not, environmental work and the transition to a more sustainable society is necessary for everyone who lives and works in Umeå. The question, however, how do you do this anyway?

Thomas Heberlein, professor at SLU and the University of Wisconsin, will share his knowledge on environmental issues, human behaviour and overuse of natural resources. Come and start your day with a delicious breakfast and discuss why the gap between what we say and think and what we do continue to grow. In addition to this he will also share his insights into how to ignite and sustain the question of environmentally sustainable and the damage that is done by simply being passive.