Breakfastclub with Marknadsföreningen

27 April 2018

Welcome to this months Breakfast Club with Marknadsföreningen!

The theme is Best of Cannes 2017/2018!

The world’s most rewarded creators, best strategists, modernest media and wisest marketers gather in Cannes for a week of ideas exchange during the World Cup, Cannes Lions. Ulla-Karin Barrett from ‘The Fan Club’ has listened to them and summarizes the best of it in this lecture.

What’s happening in the head of a modern marketing manager and will artificial intelligence eventually take over their jobs? How can they break through when everyone calls for content and when they know that the internet is not suffering from content shortage but instead lack of good content. How do they find their role in society and communicate their faith in a credible way? Will the customers listen and will they act?

Do you recognize the thoughts? In that case, the trend of “Best of Cannes” can be a source of inspiration and knowledge for you.
Ulla-Karin, who was elected to the Board of Directors of 2016, has occasionally attended the jury in major advertising competitions, including Guldägget, Eurobest and last but not least the Cannes Lions. She is also an appreciated speaker in Sweden and internationally.