Brekfast Lecture – “Marketing and communication with passion

27 November 2015
Umeå Folkets Hus, Skolgatan, Umeå, Sverige

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This event will be held in Swedish!

Successful communication needs to be both relevant, personally and nicely packaged. As a leader it’s important to work with passion and commitment but also to let your team be a part of the whole process. If you as a Communicator don’t have fun on your job and feel confident in you role it’s hard to perform at the top of your game and have the courage to think outside the box!

Robert Howing LaFontain has a background in Apple where he worked for 17 years. Today he is a manager inside the music industry, owns three app-development businesses and he do lectures frequent. He is going to share his expertise and knowledge with communication from one of the worlds leading brands!! This is a breakfast you don’t want to miss. So hurry up and secure you spot! This is also a great opportunity to mingle with highly influential people in Umeå.

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Last day to sign up is the 22nd of November!