Crawl around campus

7 September 2015 8 September 2015
Johan Bures väg 14, 907 36 Umeå, Sverige

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To see the campus may be important – but isn’t it even more so to know what the UÅ student life has to offer

Monday the 7th of September, all the different student pubs at campus in Umeå arranges a pub-crawl for the new students to see the four different ones.

During the evening, you may find the answers to:
– Which student pub has the nicest guys?
– Where does the smartest girls hang out?
– Which pub is the best spotting-area?
– Who has the biggest dancefloor?

Essentially everything you need to know for a great time in Umeå!

Follow this link to sign up!

Please know that only 230 spots are avaliable!

It is free, and by the entrance of E-Puben, you will receive a coloured paper bracelet, which will grant you access to the pubs.

Find more info in the Facebook event!

See you there!