Curling with Nordea

21 October 2015

This event will be held in Swedish!

Place: The Curling Hall in town
Registration: Sign up!
Limited amount of available spots, to secure you spot sign up today!

Do you want to mix business and pleasure? Then this is a great opportunity for you! Note that this event at first hand is for those of you who are studying your last year at Umeå University and are interested in searching Nordea Graduate Program. But everyone is free to sign up even though those of you who are studying your last year will be prioritised. HHUS have 30 available spots for this event.

The event will be divided into to parts. During the first two hours you are going to play curling. During the third and last hour, Emil Aden and Kristofer Erikson, from Nordea´s Market Department in Stockholm will give you some information about Nordea, their everyday work and the program.

Sandwiches and coffee will be served!

Contact Julia Lundqvist (Company Host Nordea)