6 May 2017

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Welcome to HHUS C Y K E L F E S T!

April 22th –> registration of teams opens
May 2nd –> registration of teams closes
May 6th –> CYKELFEST

Last year´s success is back! Cykelfesten had its premier last autumn and now it´s time for another round!

A Cykelfest is a chance to meet new people, cook for new friends, and check out smashing apartments around Umeå!

Cykelfesten starts at TRYGGHETEN (microwaves downstairs) at 16.00 sharp with further information of how the evening will take place! While there, you and your teammate will receive 3 envelopes with 3 different addresses. You open the envelopes accordingly to when it’s time to change location.

During the night you and your teammate will eat a starter, main course and dessert, all at 3 different locations (one of them will be at your place since you will be hosting one of them). As the night goes on you will meet new people at each address so there will be a lot of biking and mingling. So make sure you’ve got your bike!

We recommend that you host your part of the evening at a location close to the E-pub, for example Berghem, Ålidhem or Tviste.

When the registration is closed you will receive an email telling you which course you and your team mate will be hosting. You should cook for 6 persons total (you and your team mate included) and recommended price for this is 300-400kr per course. If you’re hosting starter or dessert, drinks should be INCLUDED. For the main course drinks are NOT INCLUDED and everyone bring their own.

Questions? Please send an email to Lina at

Registration –>

** OBS! ** It is super important that everyone who signs up attends the evening, otherwise the system will fall and an unfortunate couple will be left without a host and food