7 November 2015

It is finally time for the drinkbrunch!

Date: 7th of November
Time: The doors will open at 13.00
Price: 100SEK for 2 drink tickets and brunch (!!!)
Place: Our beloved E-pub
Recommendation: Eat before you start drinking

The 7th of November our fnantastic E-pub will open the doors for the drinkbrunch of the year. After a hectic period of exams and re-exam studies everyone will be able to celebrate our achievements with some magic beverage. For only 100SEK, you will get two famous E-pub drinktickets, brunch and lovely company.

Later on that night rumour says that the theme of the night will go under sleep-over. So prepare yourself for a magic day to remember and spread the word, because the brunch at the Epub has limited chairs!

See you!