Ekonomer <3 IE

19 September 2015
Universumhuset, Umeå, Sverige

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Once again you will be given the opportunity to get know our engineering friends a little bit better.

Dress code: Comfortable clothing

This day is filled with challenges that will test how well you are prepared for the life as a student. How well do you take care of your own economy? Who can cook the best student food? And who is the best at getting past a security guard at the pub? We will test you in everything that we think you need to know to survive as a student and meanwhile you will hopefully get some new friends!


Preparties with your teammates
Place: At your team leader’s place
Time: Talk to your team leader for more information.

Now you have survived today’s challenges and gotten a greater knowledge about the life as a student and this should be celebrated! This night will start early with a preparty with your team for the day at your team leader’s place. There is no better place to get to know people than at a preparty.


The Ekonomer <3 IE Party
Time: 22.00
Place: The E-pub

After your epic preparties together with your teammates it is time to go to the pub to celebrate your new friends on campus and one team also gets to celebrate the victory as the best dressed team! Introduce your new friends to your old ones over a beer or maybe you bond on the dance floor while doing the official ekonom <3 IE dance?