EPP with Rob Britton

18 September 2015

The E-pub
Don´t forget to take your student ID with you to the EPP!
The EPP starts at three o’clock, don’t be late!

Drink and learn EPP with Rob Britton!

This EPP is not like the regular EPPs, it will be more than just a ordinary EPP.
Rob will hold a lecture and afterward you get the chance to mingle. It’s like a three for one offer. Rob Britton has traveled a long way to meet us here in Umeå. He is very excited to meet all of you and we are sure that he will teach you something that you didn’t know before you went to this EPP.

Rob wrote this about the EPP:
Equity, Inequity and Sustainable Service Quality in the Airline Sector: WestJet and the Gulf Mega-Carriers

Is sustainability in business always good? In this provocative new talk, longtime HHUS friend Dr. Rob Britton says “no, not always”. He will analyse four successful new airlines that all pursue a seemingly paradoxical business strategy: simultaneously low cost and high quality. But the Canadian company WestJet, and Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar Airways, all based in the Gulf, have approached human resource management and service delivery in very different ways. WestJet has built a corporate culture – and by extension a strong brand – based in inclusion, employee engagement, trust, and, critically, partial employee ownership. The three Gulf megas, by contrast, have all built a simple and cynical HR strategy based on expendable, easily replaceable cheap labor from poor countries. Both approaches are sustainable, but one is highly inequitable. The talk will deeply interweave the important roles of ethics, values, and both personal and corporate social responsibility. It will be lively.

This will be Rob’s 21st visit to Umeå since 1994. He has spent nearly his entire working career in the complex, changing, and challenging airline industry, including 22 years in management and leadership positions with American Airlines. Rob has served on USBE’s International Advisory Board Since 1999. He is now an adjunct professor of marketing and strategy at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, and an annual guest lecturer at 25 business schools worldwide.