Get Game: Curling

7 December 2017
Nolia Ishall, Signalvägen, Umeå, Sverige

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This will take place next Thursday 7th of december 19:00-20:30 at the Nolia Curling facility together with instructors from Umeå Curlingklubb. It doesn’t matter if you’re a noob or a pro, take this opportunity to learn to play and sweep your fellow students of the ice.

Time: Be there no later than 18:45 (time on ice 19:00-20:30)
Adress: Signalvägen 11, 903 22 Umeå
Bus: Bus number 1 or 7 from Vasaplan to Dragonskolan
Price: a kick-ass prize of 50kr

We only have a limited number of places so check it out at: