20 April 2017
Lindellhallen, Umeå, Sverige

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On Thursday the 20th April the HHUS-day is here and of course we are going to celebrate it all day long!

The schedule of the day:
• Our partners are going to join us during the day and they will stand in Lindell ready to mingle with us, so take the chance to mingle with them!
• In the middle of the day, between 12.00-13.00 the annual meeting takes place in Lecture Hall A. It’s a way for you as a member to get a closer insight in our beloved HHUS. More info about the meeting can you found on our website!
• After the annual meeting you will get the chance to get to know all committees a bit more, they will arrange challenges and other fun stuffs for you – take the chance to get to know the association a bit more.
• Last but not least we will continue to celebrate our birthday at our beloved E-Puben with an EPP, come and join us!!!