IE <3 Ekonom afterparty

16 September 201717 September 2017
Universums gränd 8, 907 36 Umeå, Sverige

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Tonight we’ll continue with the same concept we’ve had during the day, IE<3Ekonom!!!!

This is the one night during the year that we will let go of everything regarding program colors and rivalry. We will instead enter the E-pub with a new and neutral attitude together with our newfound friends!

The theme of the night is ”BLANK CANVAS” which means that all the rookie-/nolleshirts MUST be left at home and instead you will be wearing a PLAIN WHITE T-SHIRT. (Tip: There might be sharpies at the pub/pre-parties so go get a cheap t-shirt)

Time: 10pm-2am
Do not forget your ID and student union card!

We also want to encourage you all to leave your alcohol at the pre-party as alcohol in the queue is not allowed.

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