IE <3 Ekonomer

17 September 2016
Umeå universitet, Umeå, Sverige

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Time: 12.00
Place: Outside of the E-Pub
Clothing: Rookie t-shirt is mandatory

Once more it is time for us to make more frienda but this time it’s time for us to get to know the engineers! A crazy day filled with challenges lies ahead of you were you will be tried on how well you know the student life. How good are you, really, at managing your finances? Who is the best of you to talk your way out of an awkward situation at the pub? We will test you in everything that is good to know about the studenlife at the same time as you make new bonds with both HHUS and IE.

Pre-parties with your teammates
Time: Talk to your team leader during the day for more information about time
Place: At your team leaders house

The activities are now over and you have increases your knowledge about the life as a student at Umeå University and its time to celebrate! This night starts off with a pre-party together with your teammates of the day and will take place at your team leaders house. There is no better moment to get to know people better than at a pre-party so make sure to be on time before the rest of the evening continues!