Lecture EPP

30 September 2016
E-Puben Umeå

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Time: 15.00
Place: The E-Pub

By now you might now be familiar with the concept EPP and this Friday we give you a special one. Rob Britton gives a lecture each year about his carries and offers a very interesting lecture each year and that, you don’t want to miss out on!

An Introduction to Effective Crisis Management

 In this lively “Drink and Learn” talk, longtime USBE visiting lecturer and HHUS friend Dr. Rob Britton will share insights he has gained about how to manage organizational crises effectively, to protect reputation, company value, and more.  Crisis management is often artificially limited to PR and media, but it should be a much larger exercise, involving management of a range of stakeholders.  Rob will draw on his experiences at American Airlines after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and also discuss more recent crises, including the ongoing Volkswagen emissions scandal.  Although the focus will be on the private sector, he will touch on crises in the public arena.  Rob will discuss best practices and principles that, unfortunately, do not seem to be broadly applied.