Morgonpasset with Näringslivsservice – “A look in the rearview mirror shows Umeå’s strengths!”

1 June 2017
Rex Umeå, Umeå, Sverige

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Newly awarded by “Svenska Akademin” for his work with getting the story about Pehr Stenberg, professor/doctor at the institution for clinical microbiology, known. This Morgonpasset with Näringslivsservice welcomes Fredrik Elgh.

Pehr Stenberg, who lived between 1758-1824, left behind an extensive autobiography that tells about life in Umeå almost two hundred years ago. Pehr was the peasant boy who, thanks to the kick start / crowd funding of the past, managed to fund a university education, which after that became one of Umeå’s first-mentioned scientists, long before Umeå University was founded.

Come and listen to what happened when Pehr Stenberg’s story was highlighted, and how it was to live in Umeå 200 years ago.

But what image of Umeå appears through history. What has third parties said about the city and it’s inhabitants? Perspectives from outside are sometimes important for us to understand ourselves. Anna Olofsson, Marketing Manager for the Site Brand Umeå, gives input to what others said about the people living in Umeå and our way of being. What is the background for Umeå’s collaborative culture where innovative ideas can grow? Morgonpasset take a look in the back mirror to see if we can find answers in our story.

Time and date: 1 June, 07:15-09:00
Place: Rex festsalar
(this event will be held in swedish)