Northern Lights 2016

7 May 2016 8 May 2016
Universumhuset, Umeå, Sverige

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“Things will look better in the morning” ~ Bagheera
This might not be true after a regular night out, but now in May it’s time to celebrate the return of the sun and stay up to the break of dawn. The night will last as long as you prefer but of course it will start with a bang at E-puben. Enter the jungle and the lights will be there to guide you through the night.
Northern Lights are brought back to the wild jungle at E-puben on May 7th 2016.
The doors are open to the jungle from 20 – 02. For everyone arriving before 21.00 there is no entrance fee. After 21.00 there will be an entrance fee of 20 SEK.

Date: May 7th
Place: E-puben
Time: 20.00-02.00
Entrance fee 20 SEK after 21.00, free before 21.00

Dress code: traditional Full Moon Party outfits. TIP! Practice your face painting skills.
Remember ID and Student Union card
More info here: Northern-Lights2016/Facebook
Welcome to the jungle!