The Battle of the Campus Meadows

27 August 201528 August 2015
Campusängarna, Umeå, Sverige

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The battle for history is on!

People of all kind have fought for important land in history, and in Umeå there is no land that is more important than the meadows on campus! Which epoch of time are the greatest fighters? Who will be playing the dirtiest game and who will be the true winners? In the battle of the meadows of campus all teams fight against each other to reach the title Kings of the meadows.

Dress code: Your rookie t-shirt is mandatory


The E-pub opens the doors at 20.00 for a middle school disco!
So crimple your hair, put some wax in your bang, on with the blue eye shadow or put on a little bit too much axe spray. Rock a short sleeved shirt or put on a cute Snoopy t-shirt, and get prepared to sneak around the walls while hoping that someone will ask your for a stiff slow dance.