Valborg Weekend

28 April 201629 April 2016
Universumhuset, 907 36 Umeå, Sverige

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April is coming to an end and the same with the studying for the exams. The last weekend of April will be celebrated in the spirit of Valborg.
To kick-off the Valborg celebrations we are hosting the last official exam party of the semester on “Skvalborg” the 28th of April. E-puben will be open from 21.00- 02.00.
The 29th there will be the final preparations for Valborg with a Kvalborg EPP from 15.00-20.00.
No matter what your plans are for Valborg make sure to get prepared for the weekend at E-puben.

More info here: Valborg-weekend at Facebook

OBS! Don’t forget to bring your ID and student union card.