Anyone (who’s a member of HHUS) can apply for a position within the HHUS Board. Note that if you do apply, you need to plan to spend your next year in Umeå, since the mandate period is the calendar year of 2019.

The first step of the application for the HHUS Board of 2019 is simple, you just send us an e-mail about it! Below follows the information that we need you to include in the application.

The application is open from October 15th to October 28th (23.59, Sunday)


To apply for a position within the HHUS Board of 2019, we need you send the following information to us (preferably attach the answers in a Word .docx document):

STEP 1/3

  • First name: 
  • Surname: 
  • Age: 
  • Birthplace/town: 
  • What program you are studying, and what semester: 
  • What position are you applying for: 

STEP 2/3

Here comes the hard part, make sure to put your heart into this one! You will answer the four questions below (IN ENGLISH). Your answers will later be published in the Election Manual that will be available during the voting period. Your answers will be the foundation of your application and a guideline for the members when they are voting. This will also be the guideline for the moderator for the questioning that will be held in November. So, make sure to answer the following four questions thoroughly.

  • Who am I? (a short presentation of yourself)
  • Why am I running? (why are you applying for this position within the board)
  • How will I improve HHUS? (what do you want to do during your year on the board)
  • Why am I the most suitable candidate? (why should the members put their vote on you)

Limit your four answers to 400 words, totally!

STEP 3/3

Send your application to

Attn! You will receive a confirmation e-mail of your application within 24 hours after you’ve sent your application. If you do not receive any confirmation, please contact us.

Yours sincerely,
The Election Committee