Good to know

  • To apply for the board you do not need to have previous experience in HHUS.

  • To become Head of Economy it is obligated that you have studied FEK B or have previous experience within finance or economics. Previous experience could be work experience or been a part of the Economy committee et cetera.

  • To become Board Advisor it is an advantage if you have knowledge about HHUS and/or previous experience within Board work.

  • To become Head of E-pub you have to, by law, have turned 20 on the day of the application.

  • If you want to know more about a specific area or position don’t be afraid to ask any board member to have a coffee, lunch or maybe a walk.

Important dates:

  • The application period is from 15th of October until 11.59 PM (23.59) on the 28th of October.

  • The voting and candidating period opens at 8th of November and runs to the 15th of November 12 mid-day (12.00).

  • The 16th of November is the Election Night at the E-pub where the New Board is presented.

  • 24th to the 25th of November the New Board gets educated in HHUS and Board work at a secret destination.

  • On the 12th of November to the 14th of November there will be a questioning held for every candidate