HHUS Board

No board member has more authority than the other. Only different functions and responsibilities.

The board is elected on an annual basis, with elections beginning in October. Anyone can apply and the mandate period is one whole year.
Together they have the overall responsibility for the association and make the decisions regarding the future of HHUS.

Check out the protocols to keep up to date with the work of the board!

My Persson
A leader with an overall responsibility of the association, and the board. Representing HHUS in external contexts, i.e in the USBE board, the U9 network, Umeå Student Union. The president also has the first contact with the media. The President also makes sure that the board have a clear vision, and are working in the same direction.
Email: president@hhus.se

Ellen Romney
Vice President
Second in command, the overall responsibility of the association. Responsible for its internal flow and all engaged members. Coordinator of the VP-club, a network of all Vice presidents throughout the association. Together they arrange the monthly meetings for the engaged members. The Vice President aspire to ensure that nobody, board- or committee member takes on either too much or too little.
Email: vice_president@hhus.se

Artur Söderlund
Board Advisor 
The main task for the Board Advisor is to make strategic decisions and to present different perspectives to all discussions and decisions. As the Board Advisor, the HHUS statues and regulatory documents is your bible, and it’s preferable if you have a broad knowledge about the association.
Email: ledamot@hhus.se

Rasmus Clausson
Head of Education
The Head of Education position involves many different strategic tasks. These include strategic work within the committee, attending faculty and institutional meetings, participation on the HHUS board, participation on the USBE board, as well as participation in the U9 network. The head of education also coordinates the committee and together they ensure the quality of the education at USBE.
Email: utbildning@hhus.se

Joakim Pinto
Head of Economics
The Head of the Economy committee has the ultimate responsibility for the association’s economy. The Economy committee are in charge of all economic activity within the association. The main task as the Head of Economy committee is to coordinate the committee.
Email: ekonomi@hhus.se

Samira Abdi
Head of Marketing
The Head of Marketing is responsible for coordinating the marketing, making sure the content is of good quality and continuously analyzing the result. One of the most important tasks is to support the committee, making sure they have the possibility to grow in their professional roles. The Head of Marketing is also the Publisher of Ekbladet and a member of the Board.
Email: marknad@hhus.se

Ville Ledje
Head of Business relations
As head of business, the main task is to coordinate the Business Committee and is a representative of HHUS members towards companies. Head of Business task is to broaden the union’s network and create new collaborations with companies and organizations that will help our members to enter the business world.
Email: naringsliv@hhus.se

Amanda Karlberg
Head of E-Puben
Leader and representative of the Pub committee. Overall responsible for the management of E-puben.
Email: epuben@hhus.se

Caroline Bengtsson
Head of Social
The head of the social committee is tasked with two primary working areas. One involves working alongside the other six committee-heads and the presidium within the HHUS-board. The board is responsible for running the association in a long-term and economically sustainable manner. As head of the social committee, one is overall – together with the vice head – responsible for all of the social events that HHUS arranges.
Email: sociala@hhus.se


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