What is Insparken?


Every year HHUS arranges an ”Inspark”. Insparken is HHUS biggest event of the year and the event is arranged to welcome all new economist students to HHUS, Umeå University School of Business and Economics and Umeå. The purpose of the event is to introduce new students to the student life and to get to know their new city. This event is for many the most enjoyable weeks of their life and during the event you are going to create many unforgettable memories. You are also going to experience your first night at the economist pub, E-Puben.

The generals are a project group and their main tasks are to plan and organize the inspark. Each general has its own responsibility and it is the generals that ensure that the inspark is doable.

As a new student there is a lot to think about, during the Inspark you will get a ”faddergroup” who will help you with everything during your first weeks in Umeå.

Your first time in Umeå will be an unforgettable experience and time if you choose to participate during this weeks. We really recommend you to participate. We can guarantee you that you won’t regret it! You will get the chance to do a lots of fun things and you will at the same time get to know friends for life. You will also get a taste of all that the student life offers as well as you will get to know Umeå as a city.

To take part of this awesome event you need to be a member of HHUS. It is okay to participate even if you read or going to read freestanding economics courses at USBE. The event is not only for the program students; every student at USBE who are a member of HHUS can participate. You are free to participate if you read some of the Business and Economics Programmes at USBE or if you read freestanding economics courses in either Business Economics (företagsekonomi) or National Economics (nationalekonomi).

Questions? Send them to insparken@hhus.se or inspark.general@hhus.se