Insparken 2017

Dear future rookies,

Congratulation to all of you and a big (big, big, big) welcome to Umeå University and an even bigger welcome to our student union HHUS and Insparken 2017!

If you click on the links under the letter to the left you will find your welcome letter for Insparken, read it and get excited!

Also, if you want information you should go ahead and follow us on our social media! Especially Facebook, since we will be posting a lot of things you want to know there. For example, every week we will be posting about the upcoming events and who would want to miss out on that? Well, nobody of course! You will also find us on Instagram and Snapchat under the name: HHUSmedia

At THIS LINK you will find a schedule for each day of Insparken 2017. There might be some small changes made to it, like more events poppin’ up, but for now → this is want’s happening!!!

If you have any questions at all, about anything, don’t hesitate to contact us at

In the meantime, get ready for some childishly fun!!! See you soon

/Linnéa Axling
Webmaster – 08/08/17