HHUS Management Team of 2019

It’s official!!! The new board of HHUS 2018 have joined forces and filled the positions in the committees for the next year. Down below you can see who will take over and try to make next year the best year.

President – Patric Beijer
Vice President – 
Michaela Alenbrand
Board Advisor – 
Javier Jo 

Economy Committee: 
Head of Economy – Maja Bjuggstam
Vice Head of Economy 
–Sofia Grundström
Chief Accountant –Mattias Odell
Head of Finance – Stefan Svedberg

Education Committee:
Head of Education – Lisa Vik
Vice Head of Education –
Mikael Lantz
Education Monitor SM –

Education Monitor HLP – 
Maja Parjö Tegner
Education Monitor IBP –
Elias Atmander
Education Monitor CEP – 
Olivia Sharp

Pub Committee:
Head of E-pub – Max Olsson 
Vice Head of E-pub – 
Johannes Johansson
Event Manager – 
Albin Norberg
Event Manager – Nora Enoksson Mäki
Event Manager – Mathilda Gammelgård
Food Manager – 
Kristian Niklasson 
Beverage Manager – 
Jonathan Haga 
Interial Design –
DJ Manager – Nils Tjärnlund 
Booking Manager – 
Jesper Gustafsson 
Financial Manager –
 Oscar Sundberg

Business Committee:
Head of Business – Hjalmar Johnson
Vice Head of Business – 
Millie Karphammar 
Project Coordinator –
 Johan Andersson
Sales Coordinator – Emma Sjöholm 
Company Coordinator – 
Lina Kemper
Coordinator of Business Consulting – Moa Westberg

Marketing Committee:
Head of Marketing – Micaela Sandin
Vice Head of Marketing – 
Fanny Andersson
Ekbladet Editor in chief – 
Prietha Ponnampalam 
Ekbladet Managing Editor – 
Julia Östman 
Webbmaster – 
Sebastian Wennberg 
Art Director – 
Moa Längert
Communicator for the Social Committee – 
Agnes Lantto 
Communicator for the Business Committee – 
Linnea Martinsson
Communicator for the E-pub – Julie Zanic

Social Committee:
Head of Social – Filip Dyrelöv 
Vice Head of Social – 
Celina Hinzmann 
Master of Ceremonies – 
Hanna Wibeck 
Master of Event  – 
Lovisa Svensson 
Master of Sports – 
Elias Lundmark 
Master of Spex – 
Axel Tisell 
Head General –
 Viktor Snell