An EXTRA annual meeting?!

This is the official summon of an additionally convened annual meeting for HHUS.

Where: Hörsal A
Time: 12.00-13.00  Date: 23/9

On the board meeting of the 22th of May 2015, the present board made a major decision regarding HHUS structure, mandate period and overall future.
Therefore we request for all members who are able to attend this meeting and to come and cast their important vote. This issue concerns all HHUS members so make sure to show up and bring your student ID.

The issue is rather complex, so lets simplify: Can the members approve of the changes in the HHUS statues requested?
(The old and new statues will be provided  six days before the meeting)

The most important aspect of this is the fact that a change in the election and mandate period has been requested.
The background for this decision is that historically most boards has had a tough and somewhat rushed first period after they take charge of the association in April.  After about 1&1/2 months of mentoring from their predecessors. The reasons are many and varying and some will be listed below. Want to read the whole background? Click here.

  1. “Insparksgeneralerna” will have more time to plan and prepare.
  2. Makes it easier to combine HHUS with abroad studies and internships.
  3. The new board will have longer time on their positions preparing before the summer
  4. The new board will take charge of the association during usually calmer months

This decision was reached during two consecutive board meetings.
The protocol for the meetings in question can be found here and here.  The issue in question is §9.
Regrettably not in english for practical reasons.

If there are any questions regarding this meeting or its content, please contact

Lukas N Sivermark
Board Advisor – 09/09/2015