Breakfast Club at Sliperiet – Music Tech Fest

Music Tech Fest is a three-day long music-idea-festival that was founded in 2012. The festival has been held in many different places around the world, Berlin, Boston, London, Wellington and Paris are only a few examples of previous host cities. Now it is time for the festival to come to Umeå!

The festival will be held by the end of May at Sliperiet. The entrance is free and it is open for all to participate. It is an interactive meeting place for artists, performers, researchers, and for people from the business and music industry. Music Tech Fest’s partners are Warner Music, Soundcloud, BBC, Spotify and Shazam.

The goal is to arrange an annual Music Tech Fest Scandinavia in Umeå. Sweden is the world’s largest music exporter per capita. Umeå is a city that is in the forefront of music, design, culture and innovation. Therefore Umeå is a given platform for MTF Scandinavia.

The festival’s founder Michaela Magas and the producer Andrew Dubber will tell you more about this exciting collaboration during this Breakfast Club!

This event will be held in Swedish and there are only ten available spots for HHUS!

When: 12th of May
Time: 07.30-09.00
Where: Sliperiet
Is it free: If you’re HHUS member!
Deadline for registration is 8th of May.

Skribent: Isabelle Sundqvist