Breakfast Club – Umeå Entrepreneurs with the world in sight

This event will be held in Swedish!

Umeå has a long tradition of breeding companies that have the whole world as their market. At this Breakfast Club two of these companies will participate – Syndigate and COS Systems.

Syndigate has developed the service ”Content Central” where writers can upload material that media then can buy. The Business World and New Technology recently named them as one of Sweden’s most 33 promising technology companies. The company is now getting ready for the international market.

COS Systems has developed a software which is an aid to broadband networks. In recent months the company has expanded greatly with clients in both the U.S. and in South Africa. Their innovative product COS Service Zones is a key to the expansion.

When: 7th of May
Time: 7.30-9.00
Where: Rex
Is it free: If you’re HHUS member!
Organizers: Umeå Economic Development and Västerbotten’s Chamber of Commerce
Deadline for registration is 4th of May.

Skribent: Isabelle Sundqvist